Kishi Bashi: Lighght

Another announcement of a future release arrived in the mail – a postcard that would make Kirocknroll/ShuaibaJ proud – this time from Kishi Bashi.  It read:


Have you heard? I have a new record coming out on May 13th! Since you graciously supported me on the last album, I wanted to give you dibs on a signed copy of the new one 🙂

Here is the secret site:


You’ll be able to get an advanced autographed copy before it’s available to the rest of the world. This expires on Wednesday, so don’t dawdle!

xo Kishi Bashi

PS: please don’t post this link (sh…  😉 )

The album being referenced is named Lighght, its name being the entirety of an Aram Saroyan poem of the same designation, will be released in mid May. Until then, check your mail for postcards, if you don’t find one, beg the folks at Joyful Noise, they’re friendly enough, you might get lucky.

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