The Head And The Heart

My six-year old friend turned me onto The Head and The Heart this week and I’m satisfied.  Then I learned they’ve been around since 2009; seems word within the kindergarten circuit isn’t as quick as I’d expected.

The Head and The Heart is a harmonizing, soulful soft-jamming sextet with a mindful oscillation of instrumental emphasis, rolling through their ensemble with measured precision. I can’t help but believe, in some respects, they’ve attempted to reincarnate major Cobain themes into the folk-pop harmony-drone, drawing the aging grungers who left urban Seattle for Liliwaup and Gold Bar.  Lead vocalists, Josiah Johnson and Jonathan Russell, sing in the familiar style of the show-tune tempo’d Mumford and Sons forte-front man, Marcus, yet their music delivers a greater dynamic and appealing texture.

So too said the fans it seems. After forming, they settled into great (relative) success self-promoting ten-thousand copies of their debut eponymous album release in 2009. Since that release, they’ve grown with astoundingly invasive-grassroots velocity. They rolled through DayTrotter back in 2011 and have opened for a plethora of names I regularly see on appealing playlists and pandora stations.

Their album The Head and The Heart features a wide range of viable tunes, many already well regarded beyond this echo-chamber, including  Down In The ValleyLost in My Head, and six-year-old favorite Rivers and Roads. Have a listen and look for their newest offering, Let’s Be Still. Visit: The Head and The Heart 

*Special Concert Note: For those of you near PT-West, they’ll be at The Fox, in Oakland on December 5th of this year. Check ’em out.


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  1. Love! Little Ireney-Bean would be honored to be featured!

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