Newton Faulkner: Gone In The Morning

My recent search for Sailing Naked turned up a great deal of porn.

I’d really really like that to be the extent of my post, but alas, this is about introducing a well known up-n-coming (or going); Newton Faulkner.

I’m have no evidence that he sails naked, nor endorses the hobby, but with a name like Newton, one would expect only fig leaves. (waka-waka-waka)

Faulkner is an amalgamation of music we’ve been listening to for the last decade-plus. With four Studio Albums between 2007 and 2013, Faulkner is the accumulation of many uneventful production exercises. His songs are wildly inconsistent, in the style of Creed-crappy, Dispatch-jazzy, chatty-beat-box-Maraz, Christian comfortable, and almost always lyrically-disappointing. I’m Not Giving Up Yet, is an unfortunate four minutes of trite soulfulness and 3rd grade insight and She’s Got The Time is an blatant rip off of a beloved retrospective childhood theme. Who knows, maybe the joke is on me, but as a SinoPopaphile I’m hard pressed to think my standards are too high.

Fortunately, between his 2007 album Hand Built By Robots and Studio Zoo (2013), Newton did produce at least one track worth it’s airplay. Gone In The Morning (2007), is a fun, uncomplicated tune that has the likable qualities necessary for success; including dynamic vocal trills, a catchy chorus, bright guitar, airy percussion, and periodic rhythmic disruption. The song doesn’t challenge the listener or Faulkners vocal range, or ask too much of the listening environment. It’s a play anytime, anywhere kind of song and it sets the bar appropriately low for Faulkner to achieve with grinning success.

Keep in mind, this listener is still not through the Faulkner collection. For the sake of Newtons street cred, I’ll be sure to deliver any exceptional updates as I hear them.

Visit Newton Faukner

Until then, enjoy 5 Tips For Naked Sailing:


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  1. Fun post! Even if we found out the rest of his music is pretty…..meh.

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