Message To Bears: Folding Leaves

Every time I happen across a band with “Bear” or “Bears” in the name I feel obligated to write about it… just ’cause I know my audience loves bears.

So: Today I want to tell you about Jerome Alexander and his one-man-band Message To Bears (For some reason I can’t help but to think this album is speaking directly to me). Self-described as a “Soundscape” of  “musical origami”, Alexander’s third album, Folding Leaves, is winter music at it’s finest. Subtle harmonies and gentle vocals lull the listener into montage mode, passing time a little quicker by blurring reality.

Walking to the store? Working around the house? Why not montage instead – with Folding Leaves!

This is good music, and while it may be Birdian musical polyester, amplifying any mood that it comes into contact with, if you are a generally happy person, this album will make you happier.

Good Luck & Go Bears.

[itunes id=”488204240″].

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