Andrew Bird: Break It Yourself

Of course: It’s in reference to your heart. And you shouldn’t even have to ask anymore.

Andrew Bird again fills an album with transcendent guitar & violin and a little whistling. Bird has absolutely mastered making this type of album. It will be interesting to someday see a box set with all his music lined up end to end, the upliftingly depressing ambience of them overwhelming listeners across the country. His music is perfect for that 5 hour Scandinavian winter day, bleak sunshine that warms you just enough to last through the 19 hour night.

Break It Yourself will be officially┬áreleased March 6th, 2012. Bird is selling a gorgeous limited edition Box Set on his website, it’s certainly something a true fan would want on his/her bookshelf. I’m only a half-assed fan and I want it.

Any day now we will be hearing about this album on NPR. Just you wait.

[itunes id=”336832184″].

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