Vampire Weekend: Modern Vampires of The City

It’s 2013. Vampire Weekend released Contra (their second album) in 2010. Finally, May 14th, fans will have a third and wonderful album to cycle into their playlists.

Apparently there is some brouhaha insisting that Vampire Weekend is inauthentic (for a surprising variety of reasons). After reading a handful of vicious articles & blog posts, I encourage everyone to dismiss these haters completely – no need to investigate further – it’s stunning that one of the best bands of the last five years has as many detractors as they do considering the amount of refuse playing on the radio.

Anyway, the album is up for pre-order (pending the resolution of some strange delays) on iTunes and their website.

Check out Obvious Bicycle or just listen to anything, it’s all great.


And now you know.


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1 thought on “Vampire Weekend: Modern Vampires of The City

  1. Not quite as inspiring as Contra, but that was a tough act to follow. Glad to hear about this new album.

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