Keur Moussa: Sacred Chat & African Rhythms From Senegal

Argument: Religion is the foundation of all music.

Assessment: Who cares?!

Some religious rock is like living in musical hell, while other religious pop is like sweet nectar to the nymphs upon mount Reallyhighus. Then again, sometimes religious music exists because there’s nothing else to talk about and it is good Lady-PR for the musicians, who can blame ’em.  Try putting together a solid Judo-Christian Sino-Pop Album.. HA!

End Rambling.

Do you like choral call and response? Rhythmic chants? Foreign language learning? The deepening feeling of spirituality from a cool dark acoustically unappetizing apartment? Keur Moussa, _story unknown_, presents the whole package in their album, Sacred Chant & African Rythms From Senegal.  – Enjoy

[itunes id=”387665873″].

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