Plants and Animals: The End of That

Tomorrow, February 28th, 2012, marks the end of a year long recording process by the band Plants and Animals culminating in the release of their third full length album, The End of That.

The End of That bridges two distinctly discordant styles, drifting between heavily distorted post-grunge and Canaian style pop effervescence, toss in occasional quiet introspection and you have a complete album. Crisis is a uniquely vibrant and oddly catchy tune for this disc, and it manages to mesh a Jefferson Airplane-esque guitar riff with strained SCW vocals (singing the lyrics of a Lou Reed / Joe Walsh love-child).

While Plants and Animals began in 2002 as a long-jamming instrumental trio they managed to morph themselves into an hard-edged rock group that features an equally large number of artist endorsements as accolades. I have yet to establish a firm opinion of The End of That aside from it being louder than I want it to be – but, my ears are sissies, and I’m sure someone out there enjoys the effort required to create a monolithic sound (think stampeding elephants & rhinos rather than grazing & bounding gazelles).

And now you know.

[itunes id=”364844694″].

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